Abrar’s First Step: Save the Children's multisector program in Sudan

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Two-year-old Abrar is relaxing in her mother’s lap with a smiling face looking at the camera.  She is one of 4,292 children under the age of 5 in the Greater Korodofan Area who are receiving treatment for malnutrition at a nutrition centre that is supported by Save the Children with funding from OFDA.

Today Abrar’s face is framed by cheeks that are round and full, but this wasn’t the case for quite some time since her birth. When she was first admitted to the centre two months ago she underwent anthropometric measurement and was classified as severely malnourished as her weight was 6.2 kilograms, and her height was 68 centimeters and mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) of 11.2 centimetres. As such she was extremely weak and thin. She couldn’t even walk, even though she was two years old.  As part of her treatment at the centre she received Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) along with routine medicine.  


Two-year-old Abrar eating a date, and enjoying her mother's warmth at Save the Children supported nutrition center with funding from OFDA, El-Jabellein, North Kordofan.

Her mother, Azza Gad-Alrab, tells us the story.  “Since birth Abrar has been sick and many of her body parts were swollen, she wouldn’t eat or drink, she was crying all of the time, and constantly had fevers. We had to take her to the doctor who said she had Malaria. The malaria treatment didn’t work as she continued to cry, and we noticed that her health was getting worse and worse, until I heard about this nutrition center from some community members where I took her for treatment. Today is her final visit and she has gotten much stronger and unlike before she has started to sleep well. After being a part of this program my daughter has started to eat and drink well and now I have managed to wean her and she is eating on her own. She has even started learning how to walk”.

Abrar has made huge progress, her face was pale and thin, but now her has face brightened up”, says Amira who is a nutrition community volunteer at the centre.

Greater Kordofan Lifesaving Intervention Package 3 (GKLIP) is a package of lifesaving interventions for war and conflict affected populations, with an emphasis on new IDPs and host communities in the Greater Kordofan Area. The project focuses on key interventions in Health, Nutrition, WASH and Protection, as these were the areas that were identified as critical needs in 2015 Humanitarian Needs Overview for Sudan. Through the nutrition component of this project, Save the Children in 2016 treated 4,292 cases of malnutrition in children <5 years (2,352 girls, 1,940 boys) across 21 Outpatient Therapeutic Program (OTP) sites in the Greater Kordofan Area (3 in North Korodofan, 5 in West Kordofan, and  21 in South Kordofan).