Madiha* received medical care to ensure her and her baby’s safety

Sunday 15 January 2023

Madiha*, 48, is a mother of 14 children. When the conflict started in Blue Nile state, her children insisted that they must leave, but she didn’t want to. Eventually, they had to flee.

“I didn’t want to leave my home but my son told me we had to. After reaching Damazine, I collapsed with a heart stroke, but the doctors took good care of me. They transferred me immediately to a larger hospital for further treatment. I learned there that I am pregnant.”  After settling in an IDP camp, Madiha*, received medical care from the mobile clinic supported by Save the Children. The team of doctors and midwives helped her to recover and ensured her and her baby’s safety.

“The midwife provided me with daily check-ups and gave me a lot of attention. I didn’t think I will get all this support under these circumstances,” she states. “They even gave me this pregnancy kit for the time of delivery because we’re planning to leave to join my relatives in Gezira state. I am grateful for the support.”
The European Union is supporting the emergency response in Blue Nile state.