European Union: Education makes Sudan stronger and prosperous

Sunday 14 June 2020

Children happily posing to the camera during a school day at EU supported girl's school in Abujubaiha, South Kordofan.

Photo Credit: January 2020, by Khalid Abulnor

Education is the foundation that nations build their future on, that's why developing a passion for education remains one of the priorities for the European Union's development assistance in the world. In Sudan, the European Union funds a project called "Education Quality Improvement Program in Sudan (EQUIP)"

The project is implemented by Save the Children International Organization. 22,171 children, half of them girls, will benefit from the project, including 12,762 in the Red Sea State and 9,410 children in South Kordofan.

The 3 million Euros project will help achieve five educational goals. First, it will reduce the number of dropped out from schools - especially girls - refugees and internally displaced students. Second, it will maintain and rehabilitate classrooms in 90 targeted schools. Wash facilities including safe drinking water and sanitation will also be installed. Third, the project will conduct campaigns to identify out of school children and enrol them. Fourth, it will provide social assistance for students with special needs including psychosocial and life skills-based education. Last, the project will include games, role-play and other special skills programs and provide psychosocial counselling.

The project is implemented in collaboration with the children, teachers, education authorities, Parents and Teachers Associations and other Community-based Organizations. In South Kordofan the project was able to enrol 9,000 children who registered to complete their education, which was greater than the initially estimated number.

Ambassador Robert van den Dool, Head of Delegation of the European Union said "It is important after the glorious revolution that the Sudanese and the international community join efforts in real and successful sustainable development projects in Sudan. Every child in Sudan matters and they have the right to free and quality education. The Sudanese children can only empower themselves through education to build the future of this country that's why the European Union is funding projects like EQUIP in Sudan.

The European Union Ambassador added "Education, particularly girls education, transforms lives because it is an engine for poverty eradication and a force of peace, unity and tolerance. There are thousands of children and young people who are out of schools and most of them are still girls. Sudan cannot afford a generation who lack the skills that's why the European Union is funding this project to ensure inclusive education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for the children of Sudan"