Insaf gets to study again

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Since 2003, political insecurity and instability in Darfur have forced many families to flee their homes to neighbouring safe villages which now host more IDPs than anywhere in Sudan. Insaf is a displaced Darfuri child who arrived in EL Fashir - North Darfur, five years ago. She is attending Save the Children alternative basic education centers in Al Takaful South IDP camp.

Insaf fled her home when the conflict broke out in their village in Sheirea locality, North Darfur, where her father has been killed and their belongings have been looted. She moved with her family, the mother and six siblings, to Muhajreah locality in North Darfur where they stayed for two years before the conflict broke out again. After that they moved to El Fashir and settled in Al Takaful South IDPs camp. Insaf has a physical disability in the left leg since early childhood that deprived her from walking properly “When we fled home, I had to carry her on my back while my other younger children were holding my dress”, said Insaf’s mother.

Her disability and the family economic situation contributed to stop her from attending to school since her time at her home village. The elder brothers got married and that left a burden on the mother to raise the other four children. The mother and the younger sister, 13 years, - who is forced to leave school, are both working as labourer to support the family. 

 Save the Children

In El Fashir she joined an ABE centre in the camp and due to her excellent performance the teacher registered her in a primary basic school. The school was far from home – almost 1.5 km, thus she used the donkey to and from school, but one day she fell down and got serious injuries. After this incident she decided not to go to the school again, and joined her formal ABE centre along with other 110 children. She is using walking sticks offered by Save the Children to help her to and from the centre which is 60 meters far from home “I had never received any support from others to continue my education, and I never been at school due to the economic situation of the family, even the walking canes I am using now they started to lose some parts and I am looking forward to be supported by tricycle so I can easily go to school”.

With the support of EC, Save the Children and their local organisation partner Friends of Peace and Development has established and supporting 24 Alternative Basic Education Centres in North Darfur State, including learning centres at IDP camps, rural and conflict affected areas, and IDP host communities. The centres provide alternative education to 3,400 children who can’t attend to school like Insaf, or who fall behind in their education.