Save the Children International Welcomes the Full and Transparent Investigation Into the Death of Samah Elhadi

Thursday 1 April 2021
Save the Children in Sudan welcomes the measures taken by the government entities in Sudan who chose justice by pursuing the investigation of the death of Samah Elhadi, 14, from Salha, Omdurman, and are committed to persecuting the perpetrators from this point forward.
We are relieved to learn of the measures that have been taken by law enforcement, civil society, and other governmental bodies to embark on the transparent and full investigation into the death of Samah; we are relieved to know that justice is due to take its course.
We are committed to continuing our work in advocating for children’s right to protection and safety, and to support the National Council for Child Welfare, Family and Child Protection Units, and local partners to address violence against women and girls, especially in the context of domestic violence.
Save the Children Sudan is currently working with the National Council for Child Welfare on reviewing the Child Act of 2021 to address Sudanese children’s rights.