Cash transfers facilitate mother's reunion with her daughter after conflict

Tuesday 28 June 2022

Huda*, 40:

"We were displaced on the 26th of January this year from our village. Different groups of the SLA (Sudan Liberation Army) were fighting with each other. That day we went out to our farmland, when we returned to our homes, the attackers followed us. Then they started shooting randomly, targeting the men. We just ran in all directions. My husband was killed.

When we were fleeing, we ran in all directions and I became separated from some of my children. I found most of them again, but one is still with my sister in another village. We walked up to Manabu on foot, around 30km from my home village. We are glad, that the community accepted to host us. We can stay in this house, which is helping us, but all our belongings were looted, so we had nothing else.


Save the Children also came to support us. I am a beneficiary of the cash transfer program and received approximately 50,000 SDG (90 USD). When I received the cash, I was trying to decide between food and clothes. I decided to repair the clothes and buy food.  I struggle to find enough food for my children. I gave birth to 10 children, but one passed away from illness, now I have nine left.

I prefer the cash transfer rather than receiving items, such as a jerry can or plastic plane. Like this, I can prioritize our needs. Apart from buying food, I will also bring my daughter, who is still with my sister, here to live with us.


Back in my village, I had land and an orange garden. We were growing millet, okra, and tomatoes. I was also living among my relatives, which gives me a lot of support. Now it is me and the grandmothers, who are the only adults here.  I never had much money, but we used to have enough to eat. Three of my children were going to school there, I could not afford to send more of them. Even for the three, it was someone else who supported them with the school fees.

I am now earning some money by collecting animal fodder from the mountain and selling it on the market. I walk 3 hours into the mountain to find a place with good grass. I also started working as a laborer. I am doing some construction work for a small house. I am covering the walls in the traditional way. For the entire work, which will take around 6 days, I will earn 5000 SDG (10 USD).

 It is difficult, to feed all my children, the grandmothers, and myself, I need around 2000 SDG (4 USD) per day. I cannot earn enough money."