Sunday 28 November 2021


In the early hours of October 25th, the Transitional Military Coucnil took meausures against the civilian cabinet of the Transitional Government of Sudan.  Arresting several ministers and the Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, Sudan experienced and faced a major political change in government leading to social and political unrest.

A nationwide state of emergency was announced. Communications were disrupted. Freedom of mobility was restricted.

Thursday 16 September 2021

منظمة رعاية الطفولة تعقد ورشة عمل إطلاق إعلان المدارس الآمنة | Save the Children in Sudan Holds Safe Schools Declaration Rollout Workshop

"إن بناء الدولة يبدأ بالتعليم ؛ والأطفال في المستقبل سيكونون هم المسؤولون عن بناء الاقتصاد" قالت تيريز لوكين غيزيل، سفيرة النرويج في السودان ، التي أعربت عن التزام النرويج بدعم انتقال السودان إلى جمهورية ديمقراطية شاملة.

"علينا التأكد بشكل الخاص من حصول الفتيات على هذا التعليم لأنهن لا يتلقون نفس الفرص من حيث امكانية التسجيل والحضور."

Thursday 9 September 2021

Forming Footprints on Rugged Roads: How I Reached a Forgotten Returnee Community in Um Dual Village

Blog by: Mohamed Hashim, Voucher Cashier, Save the Children International in Sudan, South Kordoan

In my eight years of working at Save the Children, I have faced all sorts of trials and tests on the job – but this trip was something special. Last week I visited Talodi and surrounding villages in South Kordofan to conduct an assessment for the UNHCR-funded shelter project. It seems like a routine, simple part of the job - but as the trip unfolded on a particularly rainy day, I was faced with entirely new challenges. 

Wednesday 16 June 2021

بيان صحفي اليوم العالمي للطفل الأفريقي 2021 | Joint Press Release Day of the African Child 2021

Monday 24 May 2021

Save the Children's Ethiopian Refugee Response in Um Rakoba Camp, Gedaref

There is a growing humanitarian complex crisis emerging across Sudan, not just on the border with Ethiopia. Across the whole of Sudan, the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance is 12.7 million, over one quarter of the total population. The crisis encompasses conflict displacement, flooding, disease outbreak and food insecurity. Sudan has long suffered from overstretched and fragile public services, and the recent multiple shocks have pushed their capacity to the limit.